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    Learn More About Garage Door Opener Service And Keeping Your Garage Door Secure!

    Last updated 5 years ago

    From reliable repairs to speedy installation, GDR Garage Door Repair Service can meet all of your garage door maintenance needs. Our commitment to customer care has made us a top choice for homeowners in 25 cities. You can find out more about garage door repair by calling us at (972) 544-7367 and by browsing these online resources.

    What's Ailing Your Garage Door Opener?

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Your garage door opener should lift your garage door quickly and quietly. Unfortunately, garage door openers can fall into disrepair over time. The best way to deal with garage door opener problems is to spot the issue as soon as possible. These maintenance tips can help you decide if you need to call in a garage door technician.

    Mechanical Issues: There are several mechanical problems that could prevent your garage door opener from working properly. The problem may be in the small motor that lifts and lowers the garage door—humming sounds and grinding gears are obvious signs that your opener needs immediate repair. Your problem could also be as simple as a loose chain. Regardless of the problem, untrained repairs could result in ever greater damage to your garaged door opener system. Make sure to call a professional before starting repairs on your own.

    Worn Controls: Old garage door control panels are prone to several types of breakdowns. Often, buttons become sticky and nonresponsive over time. In cases like these, you’d need a professional to install a working control panel. Control panel issues may also be related to shorted wiring. Thankfully, a simple electrical repair will have your garage door up and running again.

    Inappropriate Settings: Every garage door opener is operated by a limit switch. This mechanical system controls how low the opener will lower your door. If the limit switch resets, then your garage door opener will be unable to shut your garage properly. Adjustments to the limit switch require you to take apart your garage door opener, so leave this repair to the professionals.

    GDR Garage Door Repair Service specializes in garage door opener repairs. Plus, our experience and highly trained employees can repair garage doors with ease. Visit us online or call us at (972) 544-7367 to learn more about our latest offers and service specials. 

    Don't Miss Out On Some Good Garage Door Maintenance And Repair Tips

    Last updated 6 years ago

    You can depend on GDR Garage Door Repair Service to service, repair, and install your garage door. Contact us at (972) 544-7367 if you need help with your garage. You can also learn more about garage door repair and maintenance by reading these online resources.


    How to Keep Everything Behind Your Garage Door Organized

    Last updated 6 years ago

    It’s easy to lose important items in a messy garage, but an organized garage provides tons of open and safe storage space for your home. Make your garage into an organized space by following the tips outlined in this video.

    The first step in garage organization is planning. Take your time to decide the types of items that you’d like to organize in your garage. Next, determine if you garage will need additional electrical outlets. Finally, consider the total storage area you’ll need. Then, invest in space-saving organizers and compact drawers.

    A properly installed garage door can improve organization, too. GDR Garage Door Repair Service is one of the country’s most trustworthy garage door professionals. You can find directions to our Dallas location with a call to (972)-544-7367 or by logging on to our homepage.

    Repair or Replace Your Garage Door: Which Is the Right Decision for Your Home?

    Last updated 6 years ago

    It can be tough to make the call between garage door repair and replacement. Both solutions offer their own advantages, so you should evaluate the needs of your household before you decide. You can use the following comparisons to determine which garage door fix is the best solution for your home.  

    • Visible Damage: The type of damage should be big factor when deciding between repair and replacement. A garage door with a few, closely-grouped dents and scratches is a good candidate for repair. However, a garage door with an extensive set of dents may require a full door replacement. It is also often more cost-effective to purchase a new door than it is to repair several panels on a single door.
    • Weather Wear: Harsh weather can cause severe, compound damage to your garage door. For example, moisture leaks and hail impacts from winter weather can greatly weaken your garage door. In cases like these, garage door replacement is almost always required. However, a new door can also offer advanced protection from weather damage in the long-term.
    • Mechanical Issues: Many garage door problems are purely mechanical, and most of these issues can be repaired by a professional technician. However, advanced interior damage like corrosion and rust will require a full door replacement. Schedule routine garage door maintenance visits to catch these small repairs before they turn into a costly problem.
    • Current Warranty: A comprehensive warranty helps to protect your home against the costs of garage door repair. If your warranty is still in effect, then repairs are an obvious (and inexpensive) solution to most garage door problems. A garage door with an expired warranty, however, may also be past its prime in terms of performance.

    You can contact GDR Garage Door Repair Service for professional garage door support at any time. We’re proud to provide 24-hour, seven-days-a-week service for our Dallas customers. Get in touch with our friendly customer service staff by calling us at (972) 544-7367.

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