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    A Look at the Parts of Your Garage Door and Their Purposes

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Though the concept of a garage door is pretty simple, the door itself is rather complicated. Rolling section doors, for example, have a number of moving parts that work together to move the sections smoothly and effortlessly. Here’s a quick look at the parts of your garage door and how they work:  


    In order for the sections of your garage door to move properly, they need to be connected by a series of hinges. Like all other hinges, garage door hinges tend to become dry or rusty over time, making a lot of noise once they do. In order to reduce the amount of noise and increase the life of your hinges, it’s important that you lubricate them regularly.

    Rollers and tracks

    The rollers and tracks allow your door to open and close the same way every time. The rollers are on your top of garage door, the tracks are near the top of the wall, and they need to be properly aligned in order to work. If your tracks are slightly askew, your door will not open or close.


    Most garage doors have springs, which assist with opening and closing. Whether your garage door has one spring in the middle, or one spring on either side, it’s important that you hire a professional to maintain and repair them. Torsion springs hold a lot of tension, and are known for causing injuries when handled incorrectly.


    In the old days, homeowners had to open and close their garage doors manually. Today, electric garage door openers use a system of pulleys and cables to open and close garage doors automatically. There are several different kinds of garage door openers—including wall mounted and ceiling mounted models.

    If you’d like to know more about garage door components, contact GDR Garage Door Repair Service of Dallas. We’ve been in the garage door business for over 15 years, and know virtually everything there is to know about hinges, rollers, tracks, openers, and everything else. Don’t let your garage door fall into disrepair—call us today at (972) 554-7367. 

    Visit These Resources To Learn More About Buying And Maintaining A Garage Door

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Take a look at the links below for more information about garage door materials and why proper garage door lubrication is vital to their proper operation. Contact GDR Garage Door Repair Service at (972) 554-7367 for additional information.

    Visit These Resources To Learn More About Buying And Maintaining A Garage Door

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Check out these links to explore more about proper maintenance and problems that can arise in older garage doors and the importance of yearly garage door safety inspections. For more information on these topics, contact GDR Garage Door Repair Service Dallas at (972) 554-7367.

    • Take a look at this article from the Washington Post to learn more about why maintenance is so important for garage door safety.
    • Get an idea of what garage door components should be inspected and replaced for safety on this page from
    • Find out how to test your garage door safety mechanisms on this page from

    Why Proper Garage Door Maintenance and Lubrication are so Important

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Proper maintenance is important for any appliance, and lubrication is a key part of maintenance for appliances with moving parts. Your garage door consists of several components working in harmony, and is used several times a day. The metal parts of your garage door need the appropriate lubrication in order to move against one another without causing damage.

    • Inadequate lubrication can cause components to fail. Without consistent lubrication, a garage door can begin to exhibit several problems. Eventually, a lack of maintenance entirely a result in failure of the door to open or close. A non-functioning garage door can leave you in a tight spot—especially if your car is trapped inside! While you should still be able to operate the door manually, it may catch or become stuck, which is an even greater inconvenience if left open and unsecured. The appropriate preventative measures can be provided by your garage door repair service, including regular lubrication.
    • Poorly lubricated garage doors are noisy. Your garage should operate with a minimum of audible noise, but if you hear straining or groaning sounds, your door is under stress. This is often caused by inadequate lubrication, and it may indicate that it's time for regular maintenance by your garage door repair service.
    • Your garage door’s lifespan will be limited without lubrication. Because the metal parts of your garage door mechanism are moving against one another, they can begin to grind without the appropriate level of lubrication. This results in premature wear, increased garage door repairs, and potential door failure.

    If you suspect that your garage door is experiencing problems or want to know more about how to keep it properly lubricated, contact GDR Garage Door Repair Service at (972) 554-7367. We can help you understand what preventative maintenance is necessary to keep your garage door in great condition throughout the years.


    Selecting the Perfect Garage Door Style for Your Home

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Traditional garage doors can be a little plain. Your garage takes up a lot of space in your home, and is also usually in front of the house. It can play a big role in your home's visual appeal, so choosing a beautiful garage door can upgrade the appearance of your entire home.

    Selecting the right garage door can actually increase the value of your home up to four percent, not to mention adding considerable curb appeal. Considering your home style and architecture will give you hints on what type of garage door is a best fit. Match arches, windows, paneling and hardware to create a façade that is beautiful and aesthetically congruent. Watch this video to learn more about beautiful garage styles that can make your home stand apart.

    To learn more about finding the perfect garage door for your home, contact GDR Garage Door Repair Service at (972) 554-7367 today.

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