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    Visit These Resources To Get More Valuable Information About Replacing Your Garage Door Or Garage Door Opener

    Last updated 5 years ago

    You can learn more about using insulated garage doors for improved energy efficiency and reasons to install a LiftMaster Residential Jackshaft Garage Door Opener by visiting these links. To schedule maintenance or repair of your garage door, contact GDR Garage Door Repair Service of Dallas at (972) 554-7367.

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    Basic Garage Door Safety Checks

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Today’s garage doors have a host of advanced safety features; however, even the most sophisticated hardware needs the occasional inspection to ensure it is working properly. When performing an inspection of your garage door, disconnect the garage door from the opener. This is usually done by pulling on a red hanging cord with a plastic handle.

    Your garage door should now move freely, but it’s important to note that it should not roll up or move further down on its own. This is the balance test; if the door does move independently, this may indicate an issue with your cables or springs. Reconnect your garage door to the opener and check the automatic reversing mechanism by placing a piece of wood or other small object underneath the path of the door. As soon as the door contacts the object, it should reverse direction and continue to open. There are other important tests to perform, which you can learn about by watching this video.

    GDR Garage Door Repair Service provides the adjustments, repairs, and inspections you need to ensure that your garage door and opener function properly and safely. Call us at (972) 554-7367 to schedule an appointment today.

    Garage Door Energy Efficiency: Is It Time for an Insulated Garage Door?

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Because old garage doors constantly need repair and are very energy inefficient, you might want to consider replacing your existing door with something more advanced. Not only are today’s garage doors available in a wide variety of styles, textures, and materials, but they also have a large impact on your home’s energy efficiency.

    If you’ve always owned a steel or aluminum garage door, you may not realize just how much it affects energy use. These metal doors, which lack any kind of insulation, can make your garage sweltering in the height of summer and freezing in the winter. The drastic difference between the temperature inside your garage and your home can compromise your energy efficiency by creating areas of uneven temperature along shared walls.

    Insulated garage doors may be simple in design but offer huge benefits. By acting as a reinforced thermal barrier between the interior of your garage and the outdoors, an insulated garage can better regulate indoor temperatures. By preventing extreme temperature changes, you can protect the contents of your garage, including your car, fragile items, and stored chemicals. Because most garages are not climate controlled, insulation can have a real effect on how much you pay when it comes to your utility bills.

    Another benefit to using an insulated garage door is the comfort it brings your daily life. An insulated door will make your car more comfortable to climb into in the mornings. Also, because most garages are attached to the home, they influence the temperature of nearby living spaces. Your HVAC system will have to adjust for your garage’s climate. Increasing energy efficiency always adds to the appeal of a home; so if you are attempting to sell your home and want to attract potential buyers, consider choosing an insulated garage door.

    GDR Garage Door Repair Service installs and repairs all models of Clopay, Wayne-Dalton, and other great insulated garage doors. Contact us at (972) 554-7367 to learn about our selection and how to choose the right insulated door for your home. You can also visit our website to explore the different styles of door we have to offer you.

    Garage Door Security Tips and Basic Information

    Last updated 5 years ago

    While a garage door works to protect your valuable possessions, it is important to remember that, if broken or mishandled, a garage door can also serve as an entryway for criminals. By keeping in mind a few essential safety tips, you can ensure that your garage door only works to keep intruders out—blocking their access to your possessions and home.

    Hide Remotes

    Never leave your garage door remote is in an obvious or visible location. Even the best garage door security is useless if a burglar has wireless access to your home. Your vehicle is an especially dangerous place to leave a garage door remote. Criminals won’t hesitate to break a car window if they spot a garage door remote on the dashboard.

    Lock Doors

    Thankfully, the door between your garage and your home acts as backup protection from break-ins. Make sure your garage entry door is secured with powerful locks and a break-in prevention kit. These precautions ensure that your home remains safe even if your garage door is breached.

    Purchase Monitors

    Many garage door opener manufacturers also sell garage door monitors. These devices will notify your family if the garage door is left open for an extended period of time. Some monitors can even be programmed to shut the door automatically. Consider having a garage door monitor installed if you have a habit of leaving the garage door open.

    Schedule Maintenance

    Routine garage door maintenance is an essential part of garage door security. Malfunctioning garage doors are easy to breech and may even open randomly on their own. These maintenance issues make your home extremely vulnerable to intruders, so address these repair problems immediately. Plus, a professional technician can suggest additional strategies for securing your garage.

    Get in touch with GDR Garage Door Repair Service if your broken garage door is a security threat. Our speedy response guarantees that your garage door is repaired as quickly as possible.  Call us at (972) 544-7367 to request a quote.

    The Dangers of Attempting Garage Door Spring Replacement Yourself

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Some home improvement projects should never by attempted by amateurs. For example, garage door spring replacements can put homeowners in serious danger.  This video from Angie’s List explains the dangers involved in garage door spring repair.

    Garage door springs are used to offset the weight of your garage and support your garage door opener. These torsion springs are wound extremely tight and could pop out with deadly force if handled incorrectly. That’s why professional help is essential for garage door spring replacements.

    Think twice before attempting garage door repair on your own. Instead, count on GDR Garage Door Repair Service for high-quality garage door maintenance. Hire one of our trained technicians and get the job done right by calling us at (972) 544-7367.

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